How to install screen protector on Galaxy S6?

Installing a screen protector on your Galaxy S6 requires some patience and a steady hand. I believe that anyone can do it but before you do, it might be smart to read a little bit about the process.
The main concern while applying the screen protector are bubbles and dust and that is why you have to work in a clean environment while installing the screen protector.

First of all find a clean and well lit area, you want to see what you are doing. If you wear reading glasses on daily basis, be sure to wear them while you install the screen protector.
Now all you need are the next items:

1. You screen protector
2. some cloth
3. scotch tape
4. lens cleaning solution

Place the screen protector on your phone in order to find the right position, note the radius of your phone and the screen protector corners and make sure you know how to place in correctly.

Clean your Galaxy S6 display with lens solution, make sure no dust is left and wipe it with a dry piece of cloth. Then, turn your phone down on a sheet or a piece of paper (make sure it is clean) and stick to pieces of masking tape on its back, on the side. this is where you are going to glue your screen protector before you are going to place it on the screen itself.

Take your screen protector and place it on the display so that it will line up with all the 4 corners correctly.

Now, keep the screen protector well positioned with your fingers and simple roll the masking tape stripes at the opposite end, over your brand new screen protector. This will keep the screen protector is the right position.

All that is left to do now is to clean the screen again to make sure that your last actions didn't leave the screen with any dust, apply the screen protector and you are free to go!

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