Different Galaxy S6 Screen protectors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered GlassIts too early to tell which will be the best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 but if you want to take a peek of what will be available out there in the near future, here are several brands which already tell us that they are going to release screen protectors for the S6.

With the different kinds of screen protectors that are coming out there should also be a new kind of screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as well as new Galaxy S6 Edge Cases.

Spigen - They are always first on the scene and they have some quality products including different screen protectors types for different smartphone devices. I think we can expect the same with the Samsung Galaxy S6. They already have one screen protector in mind which will be in stock in April 13. It is called High Definition (HD) Premium Ultra Clear Front Screen Protector for Galaxy S6.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Looking on Amazon for screen protector you will notice them right away. Their Full Body Skin Protector / Front + Back Anti-Bubble Ultra HD - Extreme Clarity looks promising and I'll be waiting for it to be released in order to test it out.

roocase - to be honest, I never tried them before on any of my previous smartphones but their Anti-Glare Matte screen protector looks promising and it will be definitely one product that I will be excited to try out.

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