Top 10 Galaxy S6 Screen protectors

If you own a galaxy S6 and you are reading this post, it probably means that you are looking for a quality, strong and durable screen protector for your device. We have some nice options that you might want to choose from in order to protect your Samsung Galaxy S6. 

A good screen protector is a very important accessory for any smartphone, yet for the Galaxy S6 it is already proven as a necessary thing which will make your phone last much longer than it would without one. When you are browsing for a good screen protector you should make sure that it is clear, flexible and durable. These features will make it last longer and be more compatible for your device.

There are many nice screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 out there and you don't have to limit yourself particularity for this list but from our experience here are the top 10 screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6

Skinomi Tech Glass

Skinomi Tech Glass

A great screen protector for Galaxy S6 that is definitely worth the price is the Skinomi Tech Glass. from my own personal experience this is a high quality, strong and solid glass screen protector and it will keep your smartphone safe and the screen protected from scratches even if you drop your device.

There are a lot of different screen protectors out there with a range of different prices and not always the most expansive once are the once which might be best for you. I tried this one and liked it a lot and I think that this is a fair price to ask for a quality product.

Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector

Flexible Screen Protector which Includes 2 front and 1 back screen protectors. It provides a
full coverage: Soft and Flexible Screen Protector to fully cover your device

Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Here is a cheap yet pretty good screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 that will do the job and protect your screen.  This screen protector is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy S6, 

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It has all the precious cuts and high hardness that provides maximum protection for entire touch screen of your Galaxy S6. 

This is a solid screen protector that simply does the job right. Special anti-oil processing makes fingerprints and oil not easy to stay on the surface and easy to clean;

Tempered glass protector feels smoother than plastic pet screen protector, feels like touching on your original screen.

If you are looking for other great screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 here are some more options.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protectors

Galaxy S6 Screen Protector
Crystal Screen Protector
The Samsung Galaxy S6 was announced and we have all the new features, sizes and full specifications already available for everyone to know. You know what that means right? Accessories fever! If you are following Screen protectors, cases and all kinds of different accessories release dates you will probably start to notice more and more of them coming out in the next few weeks.

You can already see some amazing looking cases being released, like this Galaxy S6 Edge Versus Case which is just beautiful in my personal opinion.

On this blog post I want to introduce you to the new Crystal Galaxy S6 Screen Protector by Spigen. It is a basic screen protector which is not expensive but perfect for many people who are looking for a basic protection level for their Samsung Galaxy S6 screen.

This screen protector is easy to install and remove and we all know that Spigen has a great experience which making cases and all sorts of different accessories and this one is no different.

If it is important for you to have a very clear view over your screen through the screen protector this one is a quality clear view basic Screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Different Galaxy S6 Screen protectors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protector Tempered GlassIts too early to tell which will be the best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 but if you want to take a peek of what will be available out there in the near future, here are several brands which already tell us that they are going to release screen protectors for the S6.

With the different kinds of screen protectors that are coming out there should also be a new kind of screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as well as new Galaxy S6 Edge Cases.

Spigen - They are always first on the scene and they have some quality products including different screen protectors types for different smartphone devices. I think we can expect the same with the Samsung Galaxy S6. They already have one screen protector in mind which will be in stock in April 13. It is called High Definition (HD) Premium Ultra Clear Front Screen Protector for Galaxy S6.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Looking on Amazon for screen protector you will notice them right away. Their Full Body Skin Protector / Front + Back Anti-Bubble Ultra HD - Extreme Clarity looks promising and I'll be waiting for it to be released in order to test it out.

roocase - to be honest, I never tried them before on any of my previous smartphones but their Anti-Glare Matte screen protector looks promising and it will be definitely one product that I will be excited to try out.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

 If you are looking for the best accessories to protect you Samsung Galaxy S6, screen protectors are not enough and you definitely need a good and solid case in order to complete the job. A good screen protector will keep your screen safe from scratches and this fact alone might save your device and keep in alive much longer and when it matched with a quality case you can feel much safer regarding your Samsung Galaxy S6.

What is a good case for samsung Galaxy S6?

The variety of cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 is enormous and sometimes you might it pretty tough to make a choice and get the right one for you. That is why it is important to remember a few facts when choosing the best Samsung Galaxy S6 case for you.

1. Quality not always reflects on price. Sometimes the more expansive cases are not necessary better than the average $10 case and you will be just wasting your money on an overpriced case. Thats is why you always need to know what are your needs and what you are looking for.

2. Know your needs. If you are a mountain climber or work on a construction site you might want to get a Super protective case for your Galaxy S6 but if you work in an office and the worst thing that can happen to your smartphone is a fall from the desc, you might prefer a thinner, slimmer and lighter case which sill can make the job done in case of a 1 meter fall.

3. Know the brands: There are a whole lot of galaxy s6 accessories out there and a lot of firms which are offering you their product. knowing the leading brands and reading all the relevant reviews on the retailers sites is important to understand which cases are high quality and which are not.