Galaxy S6 VS iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

It might be too early to tell which device has the best accessories in general and if addressing the Specific screen protectors market than deciding which one is better in that area but we can look at earlier devices and see that both Samsung Galaxy Series and the iPhone, historically had always been accompanied with new, innovative and great accessories, including screen protector.

I have been following the development and growth of the accessories market, especially the protective cases and screen protectors for the last 5 years and I can tell you this: with every release of a new flagship smartphone of one of these two companies, we could see new, innovative and creative accessories coming along.

What can we expect this year? First of all I would expect more of the good stuff that we already have. Strong, durable and beautiful accessories, cases, screen protectors and gadgets to follow the release of Galaxy S6.

I expect to see new brands coming into the market, new designs and ideas to make the cases even more protective than they are today.

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