Protecting your Samsung Galaxy S6

You just ordered your Samsung Galaxy s6 and looking for the best ways which might help you protect your device. Well you are very smart by doing so because you probably invested a lot of your money in this device and it is a good idea to keep it as safe as possible from all the scary and frightening things that might happen to your smartphone.
What are we trying to protect the device from?

Well lets try to list all the scenarios that might happen and the things which might harm your device first and then try to find reasonable, cheap solutions to protect it from getting hurt.

1. It might fall from a high place like a table at work or at home - Here is what you can do
2. Your Galaxy S6 might get stolen
3. The screen might be scratched or bruised by accident
4. The phone might fall on the screen
5. The phone might fall on the back
6. Your case might not provide the necessary protection you need.
7. You might forget your Galaxy S6 on the bus or at a public place.

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